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google-search-engine-screenshotSearch Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, has several definitions. DFK Design uses the definition; utilizing specific business keywords and phrases, implementing correct content management, to produce top organic search results. Aside from Organic Search Results, are Paid Advertising results. These are known as Pay per Clicks and others, utilizing paid services such as Adwords and more. DFK Design will also provide setting up Paid Ad services, however our main focus has been Organic results.

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Search Engine Optimization | SEO Services

DFK Design offers services for Search Engine Optimization which include:

  • Keyword Analysis specific to your Business
    • Keywords specific to products and/or services offered in specific City, States which potential clients/customers will search for online
  • Competitor Analysis
    • The current top results for those specific keywords and locations.
    • Your actual competitors outside the internet world.
  • Strategy Sessions for a Plan of Action in order to successfully set up a Campaign to become top for Organic Search results
  • Development of Landing Page template(s)
  • Content Copyrighting and Management
  • Creation of Keyword Specific Location Targeted Landing Pages
  • Weekly and/or Monthly Analysis, Reporting, Adjusting and Maintenance.

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Organic Search Results

bing-search-engine-screenshotMany are confused by the terms and phrasing of Organic Search results. These results stem from specific keywords which are typed into the search engine by the user. If (and when) your Business Website has these specific keywords in use then the search engine will display your page(s) as a ranked result, dependent on other website page(s). The exact algorithm for search results varies depending on a series of important details.

Is Search Engine Optimization | SEO for me?

If you are a business owner/manager or the marketing department of a business and you want to remain competitive in today’s market, then yes. Chances are your competitors are already ranking high in search results because you are not there to compete against them.

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