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blackthorn-pub-burger-product-photographyProduct Photography is the art of capturing the appeal, texture and overall presentation of your products. Shoes, Coats, Toys, Food, Vehicles…you name it. DFK Design knows how to properly demonstrate it’s power and appeal in one shot. DFK Design also offers Photography services for other than just Products. Any type of Marketing and Business related Photography is offered including Company Events, Employee/Management Head shots and Portraits, and Workplace related Photos.


Product Photography | Professional Techniques

In the modern era, with Smart Phones and all of their filters, everybody feels they have the power of professional grade photography in their pockets. The sad truth is, they’re close, but not quite. Most Smart Phone cameras these days are equipped with better quality than early digital cameras. However Phones do not have specific focusing capabilities nor have the ability to respond to a specific lighting scenarios, which basically places that “professional camera” into Great Grandma’s hands.

Product Photography requires not only professional equipment, but professional knowledge and training. There are several different techniques that can be used to produce a quality product image, and DFK Design has the expertise to use all of them.

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Our process begins before the Lens is put on the camera. We choose location (studio, outdoors, out of studio indoors) dependent on the product’s color, texture and personality. At the location, we will then judge by our environment the type of lighting set up that is required.

Product Photography Post Production

You’ve heard it before, Photoshop. Any Photographer who claims to not want to use it, doesn’t know how to. In the world of Product Photography (or any Photography for that matter), if you don’t know how to properly utilize Post Production techniques, then you are simply not a professional. Digital Editing is today’s Darkroom, times 100. Product Photography is incomplete without proper Post Production.

Product Photography Cost

DFK Design offers various Product Photography packages including 1/2 Day, Full Day and variable number of products fully edited. All services are customizable and A La Carte options are available. Please Contact DFK Design Today for your Product Photography needs.

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