SEO – Truth Behind the Lies

Is What you Hear True?

search-engine-optimization-seo-graphicThere are SEVERAL aspects, various avenues, and endless tasks that are involved in Search Engine Optimization. Perhaps that is the reason the skeptics feel that it is not worth the time, nor the cost. Most people, especially in the business world have heard the term SEO, they’ve been told about Search Engine Optimization. However most people also twirl it around like a candy necklace. Most people who claim to do SEO have absolutely no idea what they are actually doing, or how to implement it. These are very dangerous grounds for any business owner to become involved in.

SEO is an Internet Marketing strategy geared to improve and boost traffic to a website (or website page) by means of an “organic”, or natural search result, as opposed to a paid ad. Guidelines for search results change regularly, which also change the platform of your strategy. This reason alone is why the SEO task may seem daunting. This is also another reason why individuals without proper knowledge are able to rip off companies, leaving them with hopes and never results.

For proper Search Engine Optimization, there are 4 top mandatory items, which will never change in this field. Yes, these are not the only 4 necessary items to have perfected, however they are the base and without them, there is a good chance you will never find your website within the first 3 pages of search results for specific “keywords”.

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Your content, what the user reads on the page, from the top of the page to the bottom. Your content for each page must be specific, clear, and understanding to Search Engine Crawlers, along with your potential customers.

URL & Title

The Uniform Resource Locator and Page Title. If the content on your page has nothing to do with your URL and Page Title, the page will never be properly indexed in order to show up higher for search results.

Outbound and Inbound links

Pages which are not linked to, or link out of, are nearly invisible. However too many links on an individual page are distracting, and create a higher “bounce” rate which is something you want to avoid.

Social Media Management

Ahhh, here it is. Something that has nothing to do with your website, or the content of your individual pages. Or does it? Have you ever heard of “Word of Mouth”? Social Media platforms are the largest, most effective way to produce traffic to your website. When properly utilized, Social Media management can produce outstanding results for your website traffic.

What’s the catch?

Ultimately, there is no catch. Search Engine Optimization requires a lot of time, attention to detail, research, proper implementation, correct avenues and much more just to have an effective Organic search result. There are also ways to boost an organic search results with Paid advertisements (the new Internet Postcard and Flyer). Along with the Paid ads (ex. Google Adwords), there are also ways to use Social Media (ex. Facebook Page Boost). These strategies allow to set a daily, weekly or monthly price and your results to vary accordingly.

Do you remember my first paragraph discussing individuals who may defraud you? These people will most likely tell you that Paid Advertisements are mandatory right off the bat, or tell you they’re useless and never needed. Don’t get sucked in.

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