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DFK Design offers Creative Marketing for Small Business. These Professional Marketing services include:

The Owner & Developer



Dustin F. Kring has been developing websites since the Mid 90’s. Involved in the Media Program throughout his high school career, he developed a passion for Media, and was involved in Video Production (included Live Morning Announcements as Director, Talent, Editor, Camera, and Audio). After high school and spending a couple of years at Community College for general courses, Dustin moved to Florida to attend Full Sail University and obtain a degree in Film Production.

Employment Background

He has worked as an Employee and Management in both Retail and Restaurant industries, and in fields including Marketing and Advertising, HVAC, Emergency Disaster Restoration, Auto Body Shops, and even a Delivery Driver. Also, as a working Musician himself, he has been in the Entertainment Industry since high school.

Developing DFK Design

After all of this experience in various fields, working under other people, Dustin chose wisely to get involved in Marketing and Advertising for himself. With his extensive background, knowledge, and continuing efforts to remain current with Creative Development, he combined those skills with his knowledge and experience in all of his professional adventures and created DFK Design.

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Creative Marketing for Small Business

DFK Design’s focus is to create a teamwork environment between Developer and Client. Most Marketing companies are plagued with true salesmen who are “know-it-alls” and they always have the “right answer” type of mentality. DFK Design believes you already have a feeling of where you would like your company to go. Our job is to team up with you and work together to create a top of the line, modern and most of all Creative Marketing campaign.

We are true Developers, not Salesmen. We are not here to Up-Sell you services and products, we are here to develop a successful Creative Marketing campaign that fits your budget, fits your needs, and most important keeps your business above your competitors.

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